By Georgina Enzer Thursday, 6 October 2011

Swiss IT service provider Netcetera and UAE branch office have developed a software health solution called the Knowledge Engine for Health (KEH) for the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). The solution is designed to allow the Abu Dhabi health authority to monitor the general health of the population and the overall performance of the healthcare system. It is also designed to allow the Health Authority to regulate and improve healthcare services where necessary. “Our technology expertise and our many years of experience with the Swiss healthcare system were very helpful in the development process. We were able to incorporate this knowledge – the latest technologies and trends – into this project, in particular in the business intelligence environment, and adapt it to the needs of the healthcare system of Abu Dhabi,” said Jacqueline Duvoisin, managing director, Netcetera Middle East. Netcetera utilised a data model to develop the business intelligence solution, which converts electronic claims submitted to health insurance companies by service providers into an analytical database. The anonymised data elements on the insurance forms are mapped into a multi-dimensional data cube, which allows data to be analysed. Netcetera has also deployed KEH at the National Health Insurance Company Daman in Abu Dhabi. “Netcetera’s agile deployment of deep expertise has been critical in delivering this demanding solution during a period of rapid health system reform,” said Dr Philipp Vetter, director of strategy at the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. “The design and high quality of the software is such that we now license KEH to payers and providers under an open source agreement, which is proving to be of significant value for our stakeholders. We value Netcetera’s willingness to partner with us and challenge us, while adapting very flexibly to our specific needs and reliably delivering solutions that do not compromise on quality.”