Crushed car


by Amelia Harris  October 11, 2011  Herald Sun


A LOBBY group has called for tougher penalties for hoons after police today admitted tougher hoon laws were failing to curb driver behaviour.


Record numbers of cars are being impounded and crushed – more than one every second day – despite the introduction of tougher laws in July.


The head of road policing, Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe, said police had expected hoons would change their behaviour and impounding rates would decrease after the new laws were introduced.


“That was my expectation, that we would get a reduction, that there would be an improvement in driver behaviour,” he said.


“But that’s not happening. That’s clearly not happening. The data shows us that we are not having any impact on reducing such driver behaviour.”


More than 1000 cars were impounded and police crushed 55 cars in the three months to September 30.



It took almost seven months for the same number of cars to be destroyed after a previous round of legislation was introduced in mid-2010.


Police statistics seen by the Herald Sun reveal:


1038 cars were impounded from July 1 to September 30 – more than 11 a day.


POLICE seized 801 cars – fewer than nine a day – in the same period last year.


THE youngest hoon whose car was impounded was a 14-year-old Seaford boy caught driving carelessly in Frankston.


ALMOST a third of cars were seized because their drivers were disqualified or suspended.