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Occupy the Planet: Saturday, the world witnessed a global revolution with the explosion of Occupy Wall Street, an explosion brought about in part by the nebulous and notorious international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous.

Saturday, thousands marched in Rome, Sydney and Madrid as Occupy the Planet went global. In cities across the country, and across the world, global citizens advocated for economic and social justice. Reuters reports:
…protests began in New Zealand, touched parts of Asia, spread to Europe, and ultimately resumed at their starting point in New York with 2,000 marchers decrying corporate greed and economic inequality.
The Occupy the Planet movement originated in late September when Anonymous released a video calling for the Occupation of the Planet. That call to action has now come to fruition. From the Video:
This is now bigger than you or me. It is about us, a collective 99 percent, that will no longer stand for the corruption, greed, and inequality that is rampant within our governing bodies. Spread this message like the plague. On this memorable occasion, we will carry forth our own passive resistance against the machine which keeps us down.
Anonymous has been part of Occupy Wall Street from the beginning. Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing non-violent demonstration opposing corporate influence over U.S. politics. Inspired by the Arab Spring, the aim of the demonstration is to maintain a sustained occupation of Wall Street and the financial district of New York City. The movement has since been emulated in cities across the U.S., and as of Saturday, around the globe.
Occupy Wall Street was originally organized by Adbusters, a Canadian anti-consumerist magazine, and was subsequently endorsed and promoted by the notorious collective known asAnonymous. Utilizing social media, Anonymous enthusiasts around the globe have been responsible for promoting and coordinating Occupy Wall Street as well as other occupations across the U.S., and now across the globe, via social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Just as Anonymous played a large role in the Arab spring, it looks as if Anonymous enthusiasts are playing an equally important role in the American Autumn. The occupation of the planet continues…