Attention Facebook and Twitter users:

The “news” that Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will shut down on March 15 because he finds running the company “too stressful” is false.

I repeat, false.

It’s a rumor based on a fictitious, satirical story published on, a tabloid-style website (formerly a weekly newspaper) best known for past scoops such as “Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011” and “Megan Fox Is a Man.”

It isn’t news. It barely even qualifies as a rumor.

Pass that on.
Examples from Twitter:

Facebook will end this coming March 15, 2011. Zuckerberg wants his old life back.

March 15. Facebook is shutting down!! Ugh. No more Facebook. What am I going to do. Thank God for twitter!!

They are shutting down facebook march 15 :[

Read the original spoof:
Facebook Will End on March 15th!

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