NoScript for Firefox for Android (download) debuted today, tightening up security for users of the mobile version of Firefox. The new Android version is notable, according to a blog post by the people who develop NoScript, for including all the major features of the desktop version such as client-side clickjacking prevention and per-site permissions, as well as a new Web app firewall.

NoScript ports its script controls to Firefox for Android .

(Credit: NoScript)

Many of NoScript’s popular on-demand features have made it into the mobile version, so you can blacklist sites at will; set up JavaScript rendering so it’s click-to-play, which means that only a placeholder icon will load until you tap it; run a whitelist of sites which will always load their JavaScript; and the “full protection” option which blocks all content, even on trusted sites, until you tap it. Also included is the ability to emulate JavaScript-only navigation on sites that are otherwise blocked.

Other features include synchronizing NoScript settings across Android devices with the Enable Remote Sync option. The fact that NoScript for Android is “Restartless” means that add-on updates won’t interrupt your browsing.

Future plans include leveraging Firefox Sync so that the new highly customizable NoScript will have the same settings on both your Android and desktop. The engine that powers NoScript has been changed so that it can support finely tuned per-site customizations at the permission level, although that hasn’t arrived yet.