Police have received a report yesterday of deception involving the sale of I Phones.

The incident happened on Thursday 20 October when the victim was approached by a man in his shop in Elizabeth South.

The victim was offered 12 I Phones for $6000.

He tested the phones or one of the phones and satisfied they worked he went to the bank to withdraw the money.

He could only withdraw $5000 which the man offering the phones accepted.

At some point bags were switched and the victim ended up with empty boxes.

The offender is described as 170cm, large build, red face/complexion, short black hair and wearing blue jeans, light blue t-shirt and black and white running shoes.

He spoke in a different language when he used his mobile phone and the victim believes the offender to be of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance.

This incident follows two similar deceptions on Monday 17 October.

At Smithfield, a victim lost $6000 when offered 5 I Pads and 10 I Phones and got boxes of flour and at Kensington Park a victim lost $6,000 when offered 10 I Phones, 5 I Pads and 4 laptop computers.

Again bags were switched and the victim got boxes of sugar.

Police again remind people to be wary of such offers.

If it sounds and feels too good to be true, then it probably is a scam.