Smart meter

The MFB is investigating a link between smart meters and house fires. Picture: Norm Oorloff Herald Sun

UPDATE 12pm: THE Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board has launched an investigation into a possible link between smart meters and house fires.

An email sent to fire investigators reads: “With the increase in fires relating to smart meters, FIA has initiated an investigation to ascertain the exact cause of these fires.”

Fire investigators have been told not to remove a smart meter from the scene of a fire until investigations take place.

Chief Fire Officer Shane Wright said there had been three fires in the last four weeks at homes where smart meters had been recently installed.

He denied the fires were caused by the actual smart meters.

“It’s actually about fires involving switchboards where smart meters have just been installed,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell program.

Mr Wright said the investigation would examine whether the smart meters were being installed properly and report their findings to the Chief Electrical Inspector.

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