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There has being a lot of talk about tn_tinyman appearing at the end of facebook URL.  I stared investigating this as it had me stumped.   While investigating this matter there wasn’t alot of clear answers.  Lots of speculations and here sake.

After searching for days for a clear answer below are some things people were saying.  I will provide you with links that I found to be very usefully in clarifying this matter.

As I find more information about tn_tinyman in Facebook Url’s I will update this post.

Here is what I found as of 9/11/2011

There has being talk about Anonymous is hacking Facebook.

The best answer I have found at C/  Full Article

“Members of Anonymous fed up with reports that the online activist group is going to take down the social network said today that the threat is not real and was the work of one lone member without any support from others in the group. They said it doesn’t make sense to shut down a site they use to get their message out.”

What is tn_tinyman?

The best answer I have found at  Full Article have done some more digging into the Facebook tn_tinyman mystery – can confirm that this is almost certainly down to the way Facebook passes variables into a website and is not a sign of anything malicious – read update here ”  –

Some people are saying their Facebook account since the tn_tinyman url has started appearing has slowed down, information missing, can’t post status updates, losing freinds, can’t access Facebook account.

My advise.

Best Explaination from  Full Article – ”

 the tn_tinyman url almost certainly is down to the way Facebook passes variables into a website and is not a sign of anything malicious

There has being talk that just removing this tn_tinyman url has resolved the problems of not being able to access Facebook account or slowed down.

To remove the tn_tinyman url, do the following:

When you log onto to Facebook it should look like this  but recently in looks like  some people experiencing  problems  have delete the /?ref=tn tinyman then hit enter and it resolved their issue. (may not resolve your issue)

If you have tryed the above and are still having problems on your Facebook account try this.

Make sure your Facebook account is on https and not the standard http.

1.  Go to “Settings”

2.  Select  “Account Settings”

3.  Select “Security”

4.  Click on “Secure Browsing” once you click it you should see” Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible”  Make sure this is selected

Now you should be running https when your on Facebook

Change your Facebook Password.

1. Go to “Settings”

2. Select  “Account Settings”

3. Select “General”

4. Click on “Password”

Change your Email address you log into Facebook with.

There are a number of free Email servers online.

I recommend these:


G mail

Never use your email address that you get from your Internet provider.

*  Example of an Internet Provider Email address:

Let say your with optus and your email address is *****

Create an email account with 1 of many free company like Gmail or Hotmail online     There do not place any personnel detail like name address phone etc. just make 1 up that you will remember.

Now use this for any sites that ask for email address like social networks etc. .. Never give out your email address that u receive from ur ISP

Updated 11/11/2011 3pm

Caspertwin’s Advise

  Still having difficulties access or using your Facebook account try this:     *  Log onto your account from someone else’s computer, a different computer,  or Internet kiosk.     Facebook account work fine on the other computer then I believe your computer may be infected by a malware or virus.  This being the case I recommend you to download this free tool from Microsoft   at     * None of these suggestion have help contact us for further assistance

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