By Tech-Faq 10 November, 2011


A Facebook application is an application hosted on the popular social networking website, Facebook. Facebook applications differ in function and can range from dating to gaming. While Facebook has many different applications that allow users to perform a wide variety of tasks, the most common form of Facebook applications are Facebook games. Although most Facebook games are created and sponsored by Zynga, anyone can create a Facebook game or other application by using the appropriate software.


How To Create A Facebook Application

Users who wish to create a Facebook application can receive more information about doing so here. As the page mentions, users can create a Facebook application by writing a programming script in JavaJavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and/or C#. The user must do this on his/her own server and then create a blank Canvas Page within Facebook by using the Developer App. When a user does this, he/she will then be able to provide Facebook with the URL of the server that the script is hosted on. Facebook will then place the content of the URL into an iFrame on the Canvas Page and allow other users to access it within the Facebook framework.


How To Share A Facebook Application

Once a user has setup a Facebook application, he/she can share it with other Facebook users by integrating other Facebook services into the app. For example, the News Feed, Notification service, and Bookmarks all allow other users who access the application to return to it whenever they want and receive information concerning application updates. The user can also install Analytics to keep track of who visits the application and their activities while on the application page.