by Caspertwin 15 November 2011

Today there has been a change in the way posts are sorted on your Facebook wall .  You will notice underneath where you place your status “sort”.  When you click on “sort” you will see this:

How does this affect you?

By default Facebook has set to this feature to “Recent Stories First”

This means that posts will appear on your wall in the order they were posted. Highlighted posts will be marked with a blue corner.

“Next there is Highlighted Stories First.”

Select this if you want posts you haven’t seen yet to appear at the top of your News Feed. (If you don’t see highlighted stories, it’s because there aren’t any new highlighted stories since your last visit.)

Select which suits your needs.


  Explanation: “Highlighted Stories First”

If you’ve been away for awhile and have your News Feed sort set to “Sort: Highlighted Stories First,” you’ll see the highlighted stories at the top of News Feed. They’re marked with a blue corner and may be different depending on how long it’s been since you last visited your News Feed.

Facebook determines whether something is a highlighted post based on lots of factors, including your relationship to the person who posted the story, how many comments and likes it got, what type of story it is, etc.

For example, a friend’s status update that might not normally be a highlighted story may be highlighted after many other friends comment on it.

Facebook has also added a control in the top right of each story where you can add or remove the highlights from a story. This will help Facebook improve your News Feed over time. If you see something that isn’t interesting in highlighted stories, hover over the right side of the update in question, click the arrow  and click “Remove Highlight” from the menu.  


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