By Caspertwin 17 November 2011

Recently there has being talk about porn and violent image, Hacker are on facebook and  Pimple Video being posted on and appearing in news feeds of Facebook users and in their inbox.  This is what I have found  as of 17 November 2011 1.30am

Porn and Violent images was a result of a Javascript exploit which tricks users into sharing posts with their friends.

Facebook made this statement

“Protecting the people who use Facebook from spam and malicious content is a top priority for us, and we are always working to improve our systems to isolate and remove material that violates our terms. Recently, we experienced a coordinated spam attack that exploited a browser vulnerability. Our efforts have drastically limited the damage caused by this attack, and we are now in the process of investigating to identify those responsible.

During this spam attack users were tricked into pasting and executing malicious javascript in their browser URL bar causing them to unknowingly share this offensive content. Our engineers have been working diligently on this self-XSS vulnerability in the browser. We’ve built enforcement mechanisms to quickly shut down the malicious Pages and accounts that attempt to exploit it. We have also been putting those affected through educational checkpoints so they know how to protect themselves. We’ve put in place backend measures to reduce the rate of these attacks and will continue to iterate on our defenses to find new ways to protect people.” – Facebook


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Pimple Video being posted on Facebook.  This is NOT a virus it’s called  ”clickjacking”

Clickjacking is possible because seemingly harmless features of HTML web pages can be employed to perform unexpected actions.

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Messages that appeared on Facebook Users Walls and Chats  Warning people of Hackers on Facebook,  Facebook has 4 New Virus, Facebook has 5 New Virus”

These are hoaxes untrue

These messages have virtually no value as a security warning. It is true that some rogue applications, if installed by an unsuspecting user, can automatically post spam or scam messages to Facebook profiles. However, this warning does not accurately describe any current threat on Facebook. While rogue apps can pose a security threat to users, they are not computer viruses.

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Caspertwin Advice

Be vigilant and careful what Facebook apps you comment on, share or like due to recently, Facebook experienced a coordinated spam attack that exploited a browser vulnerability.

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