by Caspertwin 21 November 2011

Facebook User as still cautious from the recent  Javascript exploit which tricks users into sharing posts with their friends and porn and violent image spread through Facebook users News feeds and Inboxes.  Some Facebook user are questioning everything they are unsure of (As you should) New reports coming in about &ref=tn_tnmn appearing in some Facebook Users URL.

As at 21 November 2011 I found the following.

&ref=tn_tnmn  is most likely yet another variable with Facebook’s inner workings, as Facebook is going through some major changes to their inner workings.  Currently there is no evidence to suggest your account has been compromised by hackers if you see &ref=tn_tnmn or &ref=tn_tinyman.

Facebook have not officially commented on the variables in Facebook User Urls as at 21 November 2011,

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