by 28 Nov 2011

This warning is spreading like wildfire across social networking sites like Facebook. The message – which warns of canine chicken jerky treats from China – is based on a real story that involves a rise of canine illnesses, but like most cases with Facebook “Chinese” whispers (no pun intended) the resulting warning is actually more fiction than fact.

Firstly, the “70 dead dogs” from the warning do not exist. 70 seems a curiously arbitrary amount since we have no idea where the number came from. No FDA reports have mentioned 70 at all, let alone 70 fatalities.
Thus the claim that Fox news reported that 70 dogs had died is of course a complete fabrication as well – additionally the mention of two brand names being involved is also a completely fictitious statement.

The fact is that the FDA (who are investigating this issue) have released little information at this point. At the time of writing, the latest FDA statement shows they are still in the early stages of their investigation, with no conclusive evidence yet that the rise in canine illnesses has anything to do with chicken products from China at all!

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